Petit Parfum Boisé

Blend your own Woody signature scent

In a vial add,
1 drop Agarwood essential oil (base note)
2 drops Jasmine essential oil (heart note)
3 drops Rosewood essential oil (top note)

Dab a small amount on your wrist's pulse point, inner elbows or décolletage. Take a moment to explore your fragrance as it evolves on your skin and relinquishes each layer of notes and nuances.

The first impression is exhibited by the fleeting top notes, followed by the heart notes that reveal the full embodiment, and heart, of your fragrance. Finally, journey with the base notes in the dry-down while you indulge in a fine moment to yourself.

The beauty of natural perfumery is that each creation has its own life and will evolve on your skin to create a truly individual impression.

Inspired to start blending? 

Get a Petite Blending Kit and start crafting your own fragrance. Includes a bottle of 99% pure alcohol, pipettes, glass vials and complimentary mouillettes for aroma testing as you blend.

Follow the link below to get the Agarwood, Jasmine absolute and Rosewood  essential oils needed for the blend from SA's leading aromatherapy supplier Escentia

Essential oils

Splash on your scent, indulge your senses and savor the moment with a song 🤎 Listen to our Heartbeats playlist – a sensual blend of light indie top notes, soulful heart notes and iconic base notes.


Enticed by natural perfumery but not quite ready to commit to crafting your own? Try our Cedrus Ombre — An august woody fragrance blended with notes of spicy Black Pepper (top), dry Cedar (heart) and creamy Agarwood (base).    

Fine fragrance for fine moments
blended by you