5 Tips to help your perfume linger longer


Our perfumes are free from preservatives and synthetic fixatives which means they won’t last forever. Instead, our plant-based essences are alive and will constantly evolve with your skin to create a truly personalised scent.

Enjoy these top 5 tips on how to make your perfumer linger longer —

01 — Ensure that your skin is moisturised as dry skin, especially during the colder months, will absorb the fragrance oils more quickly.

02 — Apply a light mist onto your hair as it retains scent very well and leaves a beautiful sillage. (read our tip at the end)

03 — Layer your skin with a matching perfume lotion or oil to maximise the scent. *Our Eau De Parfum layered with our Huile De Parfum makes for a long lasting and beautiful complement.

04 — Apply to your pulse points, such as your inner elbows, behind your ears and your décolletage where your body heat naturally disperses the scent more prominently.

05 — Store your perfume away from direct sunlight as the heat will break down the volatile plant compounds and decrease its longevity.

🖤 Our favourite combination is Viola Verte on the skin, where it radiates leafy green goodness and Rosa Vermillon on your hair where the crisp florals will sway all day.

Fine fragrance for fine moments

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