The Discovery Service was curated for you to explore each of our 5 bespoke, plant-based and epicene fragrances from the comfort of your home, while treating you to an indulgent sensory journey!


As Fettle & Frisson fragrances are inspired by the connection between melody and heartstrings, we recommend the following experience to complement your olfactory journey.

Apply the Fettle & Frisson fragrance being explored.
Play the feature to set the scene, and play the melody to set the tone.
Enjoy beautiful background visuals and background music 
while you indulge in a fine moment with yourself.

      We recommend dedicating 3 days to exploring each Fettle & Frisson fragrance.

       Use the petite parfum wand to apply 3-5 brush strokes of fragrance on to your skin. The best touch points to apply your fragrance are commonly behind your ears, the inner elbows and décolletage. For this exploration we'd recommend applying to your wrist's pulse point for easy fragrance review. Ensure that your skin is moisturized for best scent retention.

      Apply in the morning and afternoon, and smell every 5 minutes for the first 20 minutes. Thereafter every half hour. Take a moment to note how each fragrance evolves on your skin and relinquishes each layer of notes and nuances. 

      The beauty of natural perfumery is that each creation has its own life and will evolve on your skin to create a truly individual impression. We encourage you to take the time to discover which fragrance sits close to your skin but do also keep in mind that "in art as in love, instinct is enough".


      Welcome to your olfactory journey



      Green Violette

      An enigmatic, leafy fragrance with a green accord of salted cucumber, wet moss, and petaled tea distilled with an exotic floral nuance.

      Blended with notes of metallic Violet (top), sweet Jasmine (heart) and heady Ylang ylang (base).

      Pair with melody And then she kissed me, St. Vincent. 

      A fine moment captured in Yukon-Koyukuk, USA.



      Grey Vetiver

      An edgy, earthy fragrance with a grey accord of smokey peat, pungent spices and dark incense distilled with a caramelic cognac nuance.

      Blended with notes of musky Cardamon (top), winey Patchouli (heart) and rooty Vetiver (base).

      Pair with melody All I Need, Radiohead on our Spotify Heartbeats playlist.

      A fine moment captured in Antarctica.



      Vermillion Rose

      A sensual, floral fragrance with a vermillion accord of white blossoms, candied buds and pink pepper distilled with an animalic amber nuance.

      Blended with notes of powdery Neroli (top), sweet Rose (heart) and carnal Labdanum (base).

      Pair with melody Turn me on, Norah Jones on our Spotify Heartbeats playlist.

      A fine moment captured in Aksu, China.



      Umber Cedar

      An august, wood fragrance with an umber accord of pencil woods, honeyed tobacco and polished leather distilled with a velvety musk nuance.

      Blended with notes of spicy Black Pepper (top), dry Cedar (heart) and creamy Agarwood (base).

      Pair with melody Something, Beatles on our Spotify Heartbeats playlist.

      A fine moment captured in Bafflin region, Canada.




      Golden Bergamot

      An ephemeral, citrus fragrance with a golden accord of dry lemon, green peppers and gilded resins distilled with a balsamic wood nuance.

      Blended with notes of sheer Bergamot (top), tart Galbanum (heart) and terpenic Elemi (base).

      Pair with melody Come In Closer, Rhye on our Spotify Heartbeats playlist.

      A moment in perspective captured in Boutilimit, Mauritania.



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