The Fettle & Frisson repertoire of fragrances are handcrafted with a palette of local and internationally-sourced, high-quality, plant-based essential oils and absolutes


 Our fragrances are,
— free from animal-derived aromatics and never tested on animals
— free from synthetic preservatives, fixatives and PEGs
— free from faux fragrances or dyes.

    eau de parfum

    Perfume Extracts

    • Carried in pure denatured alcohol.
    • Offers an intense olfactory experience for the expressive wearer.
    • Lasts 4 – 6 hours and is free from preservatives.
    • Moisturising the skin (with huile de parfum) helps the eau de parfum last longer.
    • Made from sustainably-grown sugarcane and is free from petroleum-based propylene glycol. (PG is a sceptically common chemical hack to make scent clench to the skin, but which presents known toxological risks.)

    huile De Parfum

    Perfume Oils

    • Carried in organic coconut oil.
    • Offers a considered olfactory experience for the conscious wearer.
    • Lasts 4 – 6 hours and is free from preservatives.
    • Ideal for people with sensitive skin as it’s highly moisturising without feeling greasy or clogging pores.
    • Made from sustainably-sourced non-solidifying silky coconut oil and is unadulterated with irresponsibly cultivated palm oil.