Bonjour mon ami,

Thank you for using Fettle & Frisson's Discovery Service.

We understand that when your Discovery Set arrives all you'll want to do is immediately splash on a fragrance to be in fine fettle, but let's take a petite moment to first set the scene for self-discovery and maybe even a little frisson:


1. Open up your private Olfactory Journey page for guided notes and sensory indulgence.
2. Connect to our Heartbeats playlist for some fine background music to complement the journey.
3. Take a fine moment or two as you discover each fine fragrance.


      The beauty of natural perfumery is that each creation has its own life and will evolve on your skin to create a truly individual impression. We encourage you to take the time to discover which fragrance sits close to your skin but do also keep in mind that "in art as in love, instinct is enough".

      Once you have discovered your favourite fragrance, we'd love to indulge you with a more generous bottle of Fettle & Frisson fine fragrance to mark your individuality.

      As part of our Discovery Service please enjoy R490 OFF your next order of any Eau De Parfum or Huile De Parfum with code MYTRUELOVE at online checkout.

       All Fettle & Frisson fragrances are free from preservatives and chemical fixatives so we recommend that your skin be hydrated, with a fragrance-free moisturiser, to ensure best scent retention.

      Avec amour,
      Megan & Coen

      Fine fragrance for fine moments