Fettle & Frisson was co-created by Megan & Coen

 "As designers we champion freedom, creativity and authenticity. Independent perfumery allows us to sustain these ethics"


We live and work on a permaculture farm, at a Buddhist retreat centre in the North West province, growing organic and medicinal tea herbs.

Here in this natural mandala we gather our inspiration. Guided only by nature we had the liberty to follow our hearts. We had the freedom to explore our sensory intuition and pair unexpected aromatic combinations. From the smokey scent of raging bush fires to the cloying sweetness of acacia blossoms - our perfumes draw from our natural environment and encapsulate these olfactory experiences.

It seems almost natural that, with a foundation in architectural design and a livelihood in herbal gardening, we would ultimately be drawn to housing nature’s botanicals. Our intention exhibited to provoke a deeply rooted connection with the natural world.

We intend for our perfumes to put you in fine FETTLE (n. a state of good spirits) or maybe even arouse a FRISSON (n. a shiver of pleasure).

With love,