DAMASK Perfume Oil | 30ml

R 1,800

carnal floral

sweet | heady | exotic | voluptuous

“It’s fucking sexy. This scent arouses something deep within me.”

DAMASK - an intoxicating floral scent which juxtaposes the delicate and iconic Bulgarian Rose against a dry and bold black pepper. This sophisticated blend is wrapped up in earthy undertones of Patchouli.

Featuring notes of:

black pepper | bergamot
rose | jasmine | ylang ylang
patchouli | rock rose | sandalwood

Application: Glass pipette

Concentration: 20% fragrance

Carrier: blend of Organic Jojoba, Sweet Almond and Indigenous Baobab oil. Perfume oils offer an intimate olfactory experience for you and those close to you. View Oil vs. Extract to compare carriers.

Our mission is to make perfume that is as kind to your skin as it is to your nose. To ensure this our fragrances are formulated exclusively with natural, organic and wild harvested oils, essences and extracts.

Try before you commit: 2ml DAMASK Petite Perfume


perfume oils
“For the bedroom”

Carried in a blend of organic Jojoba, Almond and indigenous Baobab oils. Perfume oils are gentle and draw deep into the skin imparting their nourishing qualities. Perfume oils offer an intimate olfactory experience for you and those close to you.

perfume extracts
"For the street"

Carried in a perfumers' alcohol. Perfume extracts have a greater silage (reach) and are longer lasting as it attaches to clothes and hair. Perfume extracts offer a more intense olfactory experience for the flamboyant wearer.

Frisson [n.] a shiver of pleasure

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