UNSHIU Perfume Oil | 10ml

R 590

fresh | tart | green  | flamboyant

A gourmand accord tastefully weaves mild Mandarin with tart Pomegranate. 
An evergreen Elemi grows quiescent as it comes to rest in the dappled forest.

Featuring notes of
Mandarin | Lime | Grapefruit
Pomegranate | Ylang Ylang | Litsea
Elemi | Cedarwood | Patchouli

Dressed with
Sweet Orange leather

“For me this delightful fruit fusion evokes blissful feelings of nonchalance”

Application | Roll on
Concentration | 20% fragrance
Carrier | Perfumers’ Alcohol. Perfume Extracts are long lasting and offer an intense olfactory experience for the flamboyant wearer. View Oil vs. Extract to compare carriers.

Our mission is to make perfume that is as kind to your skin as it is to your nose. To ensure this our fragrances are formulated exclusively with natural, organic and wild harvested oils, essences and extracts.

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  We formulate our perfumes with natural, organic and wild harvested essences, oils and extracts distilled from flowers, woods, fruits, roots and resins. 

perfume oils

gentle . nourishing . intimate
Perfume oils offer an intimate olfactory experience for the conscious wearer.
Carried in a signature blend of organic Jojoba, Almond and indigenous Baobab oils. Perfume oils are gentle on the skin with subtle scent projection for you and those close to you.

perfume extracts

discernible . intense . unrestrained

Perfume extracts offer an intense olfactory experience for the flamboyant wearer.  Carried in a conventional perfumers alcohol. Perfume extracts have a greater sillage, are prominent and longer lasting.

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